Changing the Solr port in Fusion 3.0

It is possible to change the default ports on which Fusion receives requests. The documentation denoting the standard default ports used in Fusion can be found here:  Changing the Default Ports.

It is important to take note of the information provided in the aforementioned documentation with regards to the default port configuration. In Fusion 3.0 there is a known issue with Solr port changes not being honored by Jetty.  Jetty is the application server used for Fusion, the API, Solr, as well as the connectors. The problem with changing the default Solr port, is that Fusion is setting the jetty.http.port property, but Solr is looking for jetty.port property. The end result is that Solr continues to run on the default port. So even when you change the Solr port (solr.port), the API component will not start due to Solr looking for that default jetty.port.

This is a known issue that will be addressed in Fusion 3.0.1.  To work-around the issue, navigate to your file and do the following:

Step 1: 
Change the solr.port to your specified port
Step 2:
Add the Djetty port information -Djetty.port=8973 to solr.jvmOptions 

It should look like this:
solr.jvmOptions = -Xmx2g -Xss256k -Djetty.port=8973

Step 3:
Stop, then start Fusion.


To verify that your change to your Solr port was made, you would check the following:

In the Solr UI, navigate to  Cloud -> Tree -> and open the /live_nodes folder. Under /live_nodes, you should see the changed port.

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