How can I bind my lucidworks by IP?


We are running into an issue with lucidworks install.

I have a single server setup with multiple IP addresses which I intend to
use to serve different web application projects. However, when I ran the
LucidWorks install (on a linux machine), even when I provide only one IP
during the installation, effectively it installs for all the IPs on that

Is there a way to make Lucidworks bind by IP rather than the server? I know
I could run multiple Lucidworks instance on one server but different ports.
But I would like to run multiple Lucidworks instance on SAME ports but
different IPs. Is this possible?


Essentially you just need to configure jetty since that is the appserver that is being used. You can find the conf/jetty/lwe-core/contexts/lwe-core.xml file. Then you add something like this:
<Configure class="org.eclipse.jetty.webapp.WebAppContext">
<Set name="contextPath">/</Set>
<Set name="war"><SystemProperty name="jetty.home"/>/webapps/xxx.war</Set>
<Set name="virtualHosts">
<Array type="java.lang.String">

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