Client Libraries: SolrNet

SolrNet Library

The C#-based SolrNet library supports querying and uploading to Solr. The project's main page is hosted on Google Code at while the actual source code is housed on Github at

The C#-based SolrNet library supports Basic Authentication. This allows you to write C# code to use your LucidWorks Cloud instance. The SolrNet project source code is on Github in this project: mausch/SolrNet, maintained by Mauricio Scheffer. At present there is not a packaged binary release; you will have to compile your own.


SolrNet is an Open Source, community-owned project. It is not a LucidWorks product. We do not provide support for it. We have worked with the maintainer in order to assist you in writing client applications for Solr and LucidWorks, but we do not provide assistance with code development or deployment. 

Sample Code

The SolrNet project contains sample code for using the various Solr features. We have included sample code below to demonstrate how to connect to LucidWorks instances both on-premise and in the cloud. The first example shows how to connect to an on-premise LucidWorks instance which has no security. The second instance shows how to connect to a LucidWorks Cloud instance.

Connecting to a local LWE instance

string serverURL = "http://localhost:8888/solr/collection1";

Startup.Init<Product>(new LoggingConnection(new SolrConnection(serverURL)));


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