LucidWorks UI is slow when rendering the dashboard


We have LDAP integration enabled and we have noticed that after adding several collections the LucidWorks Admin UI is slow to respond.


During the rendering of the collections the LucidWorks UI may query the LDAP server to verify that the logged in user belongs to admin groups. For a larger number of collections this can slow down the performance of the UI.


Enable LDAP "queryless" authentication, which authenticates the users directly instead of performing an LDAP search query to check the groups.

To enable "queryless" authentication, follow these steps:

  1. Log into LucidWorks Search as an admin user
  2. Go to Settings > LDAP section
  3. Set "Find users" to "Explicitly"
  4. Edit the ldap.yml configuration file under [LW_HOME]/conf
  5. Locate the "production" entry
  6. The user authentication Distinguished Name (DN) consists of <attribute>=<username>,<base>
    a.- Set attribute to the prefix before the user name in the DN
    b.- Set base to the rest of the DN

    For instance if the DN for your users is cn=<username>,cn=users,dc=corp,dc=com
    you would set:
     attribute: cn
    base: cn=users,dc=corp,dc=com
  7. [OPTIONAL] Comment out admin_user,admin_user,group_base,group_membership_attribute
  8. Save the ldap.yml file
  9. Stop and Start the LucidWorks Service

A sample ldap.yml queryless entry for reference:
   host: ldap-server
   port: 389 # 636 for SSL
   attribute: cn
   base: cn=Users,dc=support,dc=lucidworks,dc=com
   ssl: false

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