rootDir on LucidWorks installation

In the XML file for installing a LucidWorks cluster installation, there is a nebulous configuration for rootDir in the profile you are setting up for a LucidWorks node. It looks something like:


        <profile path="/<mypath>/solr/lws-cluster-test/main" id="main">
            <core port="8888" numShards="1" javaMaxPerm="256M" javaXms="512M" javaXmx="1024M" rootDir="<myRootDir>" />
            <connectors port="8765" />
            <ui port="8989" />


So what is rootDir you ask? rootDir is the place in zookeeper it will be stored. Remember zookeeper is like a filesystem in itself. So if you make rootDir="/lws" then what's going to happen is that your zkHost setting is going to look something like (assuming three zookeepers) -DzkHost=zoo1:2181,zoo2:2181,zoo3:2181/lws <- note the /lws at the end. This is the place all your SolrCloud information is stored in Zookeeper and has nothing to do with your normal filesystem.

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