Blank Admin UI with error "Could not find SolrCore:<collection_name>"


The LucidWorks Admin UI is blank and the following error message is recorded in the core.<date>.log file:


2014-03-12 16:41:00,084 ERROR api.LWEStatusService - 
Not Found (404) - [{"message":"Could not find SolrCore:collection2","code":"error.other.exception","key":""}]
  at com.lucid.api.ErrorUtils.statusExp(
  at com.lucid.api.ErrorUtils.statusExp(
  at com.lucid.api.ErrorUtils.statusExp(
  at com.lucid.api.CollectionInfoServerResource.retrieve(
  at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
  at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
  at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
  at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(
  at org.restlet.resource.ServerResource.doHandle(
  at org.restlet.resource.ServerResource.get(
  at org.restlet.resource.ServerResource.doHandle(



The above issue could happen if the corresponding Solr core for an existing LucidWorks Search collection is "unloaded" via the Solr admin UI or API.



To fix this issue, you could either: (A) Recreate the missing collection (collection2 in our example above) or; (B) Remove the collection metadata from the LucidWorks configuration files.

(A) Recreate the missing collection

  1. Verify that the directories for the missing collection exist under [LW_HOME]/data/solr/cores.
    For example in our case it is [LW_HOME]/data/solr/cores/collection2_2
  2. Edit the solr.xml file under [LW_HOME]/conf/solr
  3. Add a new core entry with the corresponding values to the missing collection:
    For instance:
    <core name="collection2" instanceDir="cores/collection2_2" dataDir="/opt/LucidWorks/LucidWorksSearchdata/solr/cores/collection2_2/data"/>
  4. Save the solr.xml file
  5. Restart the LucidWorks processes

(B) If the collection directories are missing. Remove the collection metadata.

NOTE:It is typically NOT recommended to manually edit the LucidWorks configuration files as it may impact the functionality of the LucidWorks Application. You can contact LucidWorks Support for assistance with the following steps:

  1. Backup and edit the collections.yml file in [LW_HOME]/data/lwe-core/
  2. Locate the description section for the missing collection, which starts with the collection name
    For instance:

        cmds: {}
        createDate: 2014-03-12T16:37:34.376Z
        description: ''
        id: 3
        instanceDir: collection2_2
        lastModified: 2014-03-12T16:37:34.376Z
        name: collection2
            createDate: 2014-03-12T16:37:34.376Z
            description: ''
            groups: []
            id: -1
            info: {}
            lastModified: 2014-03-12T16:37:34.376Z
            name: DEFAULT
            - admin
  3. Remove the entire section for the collection
  4. Save the collections.yml file
  5. Restart the LucidWorks processes


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