POSTMAN CLIENT to access RESTFUL Services endpoints

This is a quick tutorial on using POSTMAN Client[1] to access Restful services end points. If you do not have curl on your system and if you would like to have graphic user interfaces to test rest end points, postman it is.

POSTMAN is a rest client available with chrome as an extension(plugin). It has an intuitive user interface with features such as additions of headers, passing url params, and input section for form type/'put' type requests. 

Please find the attached screen shots for detailed reference.

1. Use of POSTMAN to make a get request.

2. User of POSTMAN to send a put request.


 1. In order  to make a basic auth 'get' request, you would just select the method 'Get' and add URL params if any. Also add the basic authentication on basic auth tab

2. In order to make a basic auth 'put'/'post' request, you would have to select the method accordingly. Important here is about adding the form data or text data that you have to pass as a request.  In order to do that, select the option of 'form data' 'raw' etc. In that, 'raw' tab gives you an option to select 'json', xml, text. 

Please find the attached images for reference. Hope this helps.




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