Create Fusion Scheduler Admin UI

Create a scheduler to run a datasource job

Let's assume that we would like to run a datasource job every week that is created under a collection. 


1. Create a collection
2. Click on collection -> Add a DataSource -> Save

Now, in order setup a scheduler to run the above datasource job, follow the below steps:

3. Go to Applications thats on right corner of admin page -> Click on Add a scheduler.

3.a Provide a name of your choice -> Under services, select "service" if you are setting up scheduler specifically to run a datasource job

3.b Provide url that is concat of "connectors/jobs/" string and <datasource_id>, as in this example:

Once you have the scheduler setup, you should be able to see next run time of scheduler, displayed on the schedule page(http://localhost:8764/scheduler).


Schedule a job to perform delete/update operation on collections

If you'd like to schedule a job to perform delete or update documents in collections, choose "solr" under service.

For example, lets assume that you'd like to setup a scheduler to delete documents from collection using solr end points(apis), then Under services, select "solr", and following url string should be /collection_name/update, as shown here:

More details can be found in our documentation.



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